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Moving supplies kit 4 is perfect for a small family in an average size and contents 2/3 bedroom home who are preparing to move home. Small, medium and large, very strong double wall removal boxes, bubble wrap for the pictures and ornaments. Packing paper for the crockery, FRAGILE tape to seal the boxes with delicate contents and a marker pen.

3 Bedroom Home Bundle

  • 10 x Packing Box 1 (L45cm x W45cm x H26cm, double wall)
    10 x Packing Box 2 (L45cm x W45cm x H52cm, double wall)
    10 x Packing Box 3 (L45cm x W45cm x H78cm, double wall)
    1 x 2.5kg Packing paper (200 sheets approx)
    3 x Rolls of bubble wrap (500mm x 10m per roll)
    4 x Buff packing tape
    1 x Fragile tape
    1 x Marker pen
    1 x Zip ties (pack of 10)

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