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Ideal for packing the contents of small flats and starter homes where possessions are minimal. Moving supplies kit 2 contains all the ingredients you need for an easy and efficient packing job.
A selection of 15 small, medium and large extra strong double wall removal boxes, bubble wrap and paper for the breakables, tape and a marker so that you know what's in each packing box.


Small Flat Moving Bundle

  • 5 x Packing box 1 (L45cm x W45cm x H26cm, double wall)
    5 x Packing box 2 (L45cm x W45cm x H52cm, double wall)
    5 x Packing Box 3 (L45cm x W45cm x H78cm, double wall)
    1 x 2.5kg Packing paper (200 sheets approx)
    1 x Roll of Bubble wrap (500mm x 10m)
    2 x Buff packing tape
    1 x Marker pen
    1 x Zip ties (pack of 10)

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