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An ideal size packing kit for packing and moving the contents of student lodgings, hospital accomodation and the smaller property. Moving supplies kit 1 is ideal to use as a kitchen packing kit when preparing for a new kitchen. 10 small and medium extra strong packing boxes, packing paper to wrap crockery and delicate items, bubble wrap for ornaments and breakables.


Student Moving Bundle

  • 5 x Packing Box 1 (L45cm x W45cm x H26cm, double wall)
    5 x Packing Box 2 (L45cm x W45cm x H52cm, double wall)
    1 x 2.5kg Packing paper (200 sheets approx)
    1 x Roll of bubble wrap (750mm x 5m)
    2 x Buff packing tape 1 x Marker pen

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